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Teacher Training and Motivation

Virtual Experience

With the world changing, the virtual experience is becoming much more prevalent.

Cornelius is still able to give your teachers a powerful and engaging experience.

Contact us today and let us know how we can serve your school or district!

Relating to Troubled Youth

With Cornelius experience of building a rapport with troubled youth of all background, this presentation focuses on helping the teacher close the gap and touch the heart of each student regardless of background and cultural differences.

Equity Training:

We are stronger together. Cornelius gives principals that can allow teachers from all backgrounds become more accepting of one another, as well as understanding the power of working together to build the community and make this world a better place.

Teacher Motivation  Cornelius's message will inspire your Teachers & Staff.

At some point educators may get burned out. This presentation will help teachers get recharge and feel motivated to face whatever challenge their classroom may bring!

Ready to Work with Cornelius 

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