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Helping Youth Realize Their Superpowers.

Experience Cornelius

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Cornelius was exposed to violence and crime from a young age. Several of Corneliusʼ friends have been incarnated, and three have died. He wonders how their lives might have turned out differently if they had someone to show them the tools to manage emotions, focus on the positive, and become leaders and masters of their own lives. Cornelius’ goal is to give these tools to the youth of the world. His mission is to motivate youth across the world!

Previous places Cornelius has Served Students

Cornelius's  message to your Students is Powerful.

Through Corneliusʼ transparent motivational speaking he  shares his story of working his way through the pitfalls and overcoming adversity to achieve his goals. His story helps students know that anything is possible if they are willing to put in the work. Corneliusʼ ability to connect with the any audience is exceptional, and his objective is help students unleash their true power and tap into their highest self to become super leaders of today.

Ready to Work with Cornelius 

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Teacher Motivation  Cornelius's message will inspire your Teachers & Staff.

At some point educators may get burned out. Cornelius’ staff and teacher presentations will help teachers get recharge and feel motivated to face whatever challenge their classroom may bring!

Course for your students

Unleashing Your Superpower: Courage

Books for your students

View all the books available in Super-Self Library

You were the best decision we’ve made in months!
Ana Guevara J.D.
Adam State University
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His story, energy, relatability, our kids just gravitated towards him. We’ve continued these conversations of being a good leader, and doing so with kindness, compassion, and others in mind.
Kelsey Krool
Participating Teacher
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Cornelius Mosby took his time and explained to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club that they have great opportunity to negotiate with life on a whole different level. We appreciate what he has done!
Anthony Avery
Boys and Girls Club